About & What We Do

FERRET Consilium, established by Herman Kok in 2019, is a research and advisory company focused on real estate and urban development. FERRET Consilium aims to provide independent property market research and analysis at a time of rapid change in the urban landscape.

We provide services to contribute to better and more durable real estate embedded in a quality urban context. Our approach is to find the balance between macro top-down analyses to define market feasibility with bottom-up analyses with site and location as starting point.

Services FERRET Consilium provides include

  • economic and property market analyses
  • location assessments and demographic analyses
  • program and floorspace capacity advice
  • town centre and neighbourhood centre strategies
  • PR and marketing¬†




FERRET Consilum has a track record of working with international real estate investors and developers.

Clients include:

  • MARK Capital Management Ltd (known as Meyer Bergman until November 2020)
  • TconcepT coincept design architects


In order to provide optimal services and add specialties to the competences of our operations, FERRET Consilium entered partnerships to increase strength and synergy.

  • DISCvision: With Herman Kok being Associate Partner at DISCvision as of October 1st 2020, FERRET Consilium is well integrated to research and advisory focused on Behavioural Economics. This is essential as town and neighbourhood centre strategies and positioning of real estate is defined by preferences of consumers as end users.
  • University of Amsterdam: With Herman Kok being appointed as Visiting Lecturer at Department GPIO (Geography, Planning and International Development) of the University of Amsterdam, FERRET Consilium has access to academic research on urban planning