Herman Kok

Herman Kok is an economic geographer with a strong interest in cities, retail, urban mixed use real estate, and urban planning. Geography, maps, and the concept of location and space has been a central element in his career and life.

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When the rain showers took a break…

Some time to row and explore a bit of Nieuwe Meer. Always great to be in the water, even on a grey December day just before Christmas. Unbelievable, such a nature right next to the city.

Back to the lecture room

Guest lecture International Real Estate Markets at University of Groningen (text continues below) University of Groningen - Zernike Science ParkBack to the lecture room at University of Groningen where I graduated in Geography in 1993. This time for a guest lecture...

Book presentation ‘Dream City’ by Conrad Kickert

Creation, destruction and reinvention. In short a summary of the urban history of Detroit presented by Conrad Kickert (University of Cincinnati) at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam Friday December the 13th to mark the release of his book ‘Dream City’, published by The...

Boat moored at Nieuwe Meer

As a good friend from Italy said, the best two days for a boat owner are the day it is being bought and the day it is being sold. Though we do already agree with the first half, we envisage to have many best days in between.

The ingredients of places

Wonderful keynote by James von Klempener at ULI 2018 summit in Dublin about interventions in five different neighbourhoods. Main ingredients of a place include: defining he boundary of the area supply the people, both pedestrians and transport, managing the flows...