Val Ferret

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Val Ferret is the name of a relatively untouched valley in Valais, in the southwest of Switzerland. The valley commences at the Col Ferret on the border between and Switzerland and Italy, on the eastern sides of the Mont Blanc Massif. The valley drains northeastwards towards Orsières to merge with Val d’Entremont on its way further down into the Rhône basin. Villages and hamlets in the valley include Ferret, La Fouly, Prayon, Praz-de-Fort, Les Arlaches, Issert, and Somlaproz. Orsières is the main settlement of the municipality with the same name to which Val Ferret belongs.

In Val Ferret (© Herman J Kok)

The valley offers plenty of nature and hiking opportunities, as well as a good impression of rural alpine culture. Though Verbier – Quattre Vallees as main ski area in the region is nearby, the valley and its surroundings offer ski-opportunities in La Fouly, Champex-Lac, and Vicheres near Liddes. The valley on the Italian side running from Col de Ferret to Courmayeur is named Val Ferret as well.

The page gives an impression of this beautiful valley and the Entremont – Saint-Bernard region around it.

View on Val Ferret near La Fouly (© Herman J Kok)

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This page is about Val Ferret and its surroundings, its geography and history. For practical tourist information on Val Ferret and the surrounding region please visit the Pays Saint Bernard information site.