Cafe on Tramplaats square in Zurenborg – Antwerp, September 2020 (© Herman J Kok)

Who would one year ago have foreseen the dramatic changes in our daily life because of the Covid-19-triggered health crisis. And how this impacted the function of cities, including Antwerp, and including the Zurenborg neighbourhood. Social distancing, working from home, heavily restricted travelling, and much more. With most Covid-19 related restrictions in place for most of 2020, many people and business have been able to adapt, at least partially. Scenario’s appear on which behavioural changes will be temporary and which may be more permanent. And what about living in cities: our home not only as place to sleep, but also as place to work, as place to meet, and as place to entertain. Not a big problem for those with houses with gardens or with spacious apartments. But for those without that level of comfort and with more possibilities to work from home, is the city still the place to be? This also taking into account lower housing cost and local taxes in the countryside. And how could this work out for an urban neighbourhood like Zurenborg. Link to article (in Dutch language) published in Gazet van Zurenborg local Antwerp newspaper. GVZ-2020-06-b