DISCvision lifestyles for four major cities in the Netherlands compared to suburban towns in their agglomeration with very different lifestyles. Source: DISCvision, 2020


The corona pandemic has clearly changed the way consumers shop. In Holland, the PBL expects vacancy to increase by about 40% in the coming years. It is therefore very important to consider the new role of town centres in the post corona era. In the first instance, it is now up to the municipalities to take the lead, by revising town-centre plans and defining a strategy for reviving retail locations. It is essential to start from a consumer perspective, because lifestyles can clearly differ from town to town. As a result, one can create interesting and distinctive inner cities, which also match the identity of the local community. Article co-written with Andre Doffer, published in DISCvision.nl blog.  PDF-link to the article: rethinking-retail-ad-hk-final