Very happy with the relaunch of the ERG European Research group in the framework of ECSP European Council Shopping Places. Sharing ideas and knowledge is even more essential in these of retail transformation than it already used to be. Delighted to see around 30 researchers and content affiliated professionals of a great variety of retail led real estate companies coming together and join forces. The ERG was established as ICSC Europe Working Group by Christopher Wicker and Yvonne Court in 2001. Supported by ICSC Europe, this corporate hats off research community has flourished ever since. With ICSC finishing its European Operations by the end of 2019, the ERG found a new home at the newly established ECSP European Council Shopping Places.

ECSP ERG research priorities for the coming period will be:

  • new business and leasing models
  • post-Covid-19 retailing: new retail formats, mixed-use concepts, and repurposing

We concluded 2020 with our re-launch meeting. Honoured we had Brenna ‘O Roarty (RHL Strategic Solutions), very experienced in the field of retail business models and involved in previous ICSC and INREV research projects on this matter, as key note speaker sharing her views on the ned for new and business and leasing in an excellent ‘set the scene presentation’.

An important priority for the ERG and the ECSP will be to rejuvenate the group by reaching out to talented professionals in the European retail property research scene to join the European Research Group.

Proud to be involved in this network of professionals.