Entrance to De Lijn bus depot which is located in the heart of Zurenborg residential neighbourhood (© Herman J Kok)

Where do we see a historic urban residential neighbourhood cobble stone streets overloaded by hundreds of heavy buses per day running in and out of a dated and run down bus depot. In Antwerp – Zurenborg. Resistance against the depot dates from the 1980s, and promises to relocate the bus depot have been made for more than 10 years. However, planning in Belgium, with is fragmented government structure, is highly complex, and the bus company De Lijn does not stand out in flexibility. Following the announcement in 2016 that the depot would be moved in 2021, De Lijn applied for a permit to keep its depot in the neighbourhood for another 10 years, with the City of Antwerp willing to support, leaving the neighbourhood residents highly upset and embraced once more to pay the bill of the lack of consistency in urban planning. Link to article co-written with Diederik Van Woensel (in Dutch) published in Gazet van Zurenborg local Antwerp newspaper: GVZ-2020-06-a