The ingredients of places

Wonderful keynote by James von Klempener at ULI 2018 summit in Dublin about interventions in five different neighbourhoods. Main ingredients of a place include:

  1. defining he boundary of the area
  2. supply the people, both pedestrians and transport,
  3. managing the flows through the area,
  4. understanding and articulating the history of a place,
  5. establishing the mix of functions and building uses,
  6. introducing activities in the public realm,
  7. shaping the architecture.

Fascinating presentation based on five urban mixed use cases in global cities like London, New York and Shanghai. Vision and knowledge on the urban integration of a place and the program in the but up and public space come ahead of design to make the design support the urban concept.

Technology and the Relevance of Urban Meeting Places

Technology and the Relevance of Urban Meeting Places

A recent Meyer Bergman advertorial considers how technology lets us rediscover our roots, highlighting the relevance of urban meeting places. In ancient Rome, citizens gathered at the Forum – the market place where civic events, gladiatorial combats, commerce, and anything of importance occurred. Central meeting places have served a vital function throughout the history of mankind, which is why they are found across continents in most villages, towns, and cities. View the Meyer Bergman advertorial.