Guest lecture International Real Estate Markets at University of Groningen

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University of Groningen – Zernike Science ParkBack to the lecture room at University of Groningen where I graduated in Geography in 1993. This time for a guest lecture ‘Retail and urban mixed-use property investment landscapes’ part of the ‘International Real Estate Markets’ lecture series in the Master program Real Estate of Faculty of Spatial Sciences. Was good to be back in Groningen and to discuss aspects of the property cycle, trends affecting the real state landscape, as well as various ongoing disruptions and their impact on property with a motivated group of master students. Good to see that new talent is on its way to the profession.

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Former V&D department store building on Grote Markt being transformed for a new future by developer MWPO

And taking advantage to have a quick look in the city centre of Groningen where lot of changes are taking place. Following the bankruptcy of V&D in 2016, the building of the department store on Grote Markt is undergoing a full transformation into Groot Handelshuis, an innercity meeting and working space. A new Jumbo City Market with F&B next to convenience on the ground floor and a La Place restaurant on the fourth floor will act as drivers of the meeting place. The second V&D building on Rode Weeshuistraat behind the main building is being redeveloped into an innercity residential complex with apartments.

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Merckt under construction at the corner Grote Markt – Poelestraat

On the other side of Grote Markt, Merckt, a development by Mensenborgh Projectontwikkeling, is under construction on the corner with Poelestraat. This will be Groningen’s first food hall, expected to open in a few months, with a rooftop bar on the top floor, with residential on the floors in between. The run down Naberpassage gave way to the newly built Forum Groningen. A new innercity urban culture and leisure centre with library and cinema among other services, as well as a Groningen information shop on the ground floor. Ne cafes and restaurants have been built in the zone around Forum. With Merck still under construction, Forum Groningen is still somewhat isolated from Grote Markt but that will change. Funding came partly from compensation funds granted to Groningen Province following the cancellation of the planned Zuiderzeelijn high speed train line to connect Groningen to Amsterdam.

View through Peperstraat, core of Groningen’s night life area, with newly built Forum Groningen culture and leisure centre as a rock in the back.